She is a cafe clerk, Rio-chan, 22 years old. She is masturbating while watching a video of ASMR with a voice fetish. She immediately blames her weaknesses for confessing in her interview, and her fascinating sweet voice begins to leak. In addition, she flirts with her sweaty body with tension, and her lower body quickly raises the humidity, and if her vagina is agitated, she spouts obscene juice.
カフェ店員をされている「りおちゃん、22歳。」声フェチでHなASMRの動画を見てオナニーをしているという彼女。早速、インタビューで告白してくれた弱点の耳を責めていくと、うっとりとした甘い声が漏れ始める。さらに、緊張で汗ばむ躰を弄んでいくと、下半身もすぐに湿度を上げていき、膣中を掻き混ぜられれば、ぴちゃぴちゃと卑猥な汁を吹き出して Free HD on FREEJAVTEEN.COM